Steam Carpet Cleaners for Rent

Consumers who have carpet cleaning needs, but may not have the funds or the storage space to accommodate a cleaner of their own, may choose to rent a commercial carpet steam cleaner. This is a cost-effective option. Offering machines for both home and business uses, The Rug Doctor, may be the most well-known brand of rental steam cleaner. These Rug Doctor units are available nationwide at over 33,000 outlets, a number of which are supermarket chains.

Rug Doctor offers the Wide Track model at some of these locations. This model has a 12.4-inch cleaning path compared to a smaller model’s 10.4-inch path. The average prices for Rug Doctor unit rentals range from about $20 for the Mighty Pack to $25 or $30 for the Wide Tracks. Renters should consider the cost of cleaning solution when estimating the price of a rental. Reviews say that the Rug Doctor rental cleaners clean well and are easy to use. A complaint that was found was not about the performance of the machines, but about the care that previous renters’ took of the equipment. It was that renter’s failed to clean the units properly prior to returning them to the store.

Rug Doctor markets these cleaners to consumer. Prices range from the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro, at about $700, and the Rug Doctor Wide Track, about $900. A review of the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro said this machine did yield professional results but also gave a few negatives. The Might Pro’s tank is more than twice the size of other carpet cleaners but is extremely noisy and heavy at 36 pounds. It is a bulky machine that is often hard to store, but, it does have a folding handle to help with storage. offers this machine.